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( 30-11-2002 )

The VDKK, a new Packo pump for the gentle handling of solids in suspension

For over 25 years the Belgian stainless steel equipment manufacturer Packo has been specialising in the development and production of stainless steel pumps for the food industries. The Packo VDKM pumps used for the transport of vulnerable solids in suspension (e.g. vegetables, fruits, shellfish, etc.) prove their reliability for many years now. In close cooperation with the Dutch company Kiremko, well known in the potato processing industry for its hydro cutting and pumped product transport systems, this pump design has now been optimised, specifically for the pumping of potatoes. The result of this symbiosis of specialised know-how and experience is the VDKK pump range.


An important feature of the VDKK is optimised product flow. The combination of the 2-channel impeller construction and an efficient and product friendly pump casing design ensures that both very large and smaller potatoes are transported through the pump undamaged. The frequency controlled, variable pump speed allows an even flow of product to be integrated into the production process. The solid construction and balanced design, along with a steady vibration free running characteristic ensures a long life for the pump. The pump is fitted with a mechanical seal, which is leak free when compared to gland packing. The seal is available world-wide and changing the seal is a simple trouble free operation.


All parts, which come into contact with product or fluid, are manufactured out of high quality stainless steel. Corrosion, which affects cast iron pumps and pollutes the transport medium, is overcome with the VDKK, a positive feature when considering HACCP. The smooth surface microstructure, formed by electrolytical polishing, results in the most hygienically stainless steel finish possible, which prevents growth of starch and other micro-organisms in the pump.


Kiremko will sell these pumps exclusively in the French fries, potato chips and flake industry around the world directly or through our agents. The prices of these stainless steel pumps are only slightly higher than the cast iron pumps available in the market, which makes the VDKK pumps an interesting option for the potato processing industry, which is now demanding stainless steel to be used in all aspects of modern machinery design.


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