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Beizen und Passivieren [SEITE UNTER REVISION]

This chemical treatment eliminates welding discolorations and restores the passive layer of stainless steel. The mixture of acids removes impurities, welding discolorations and causes impacted iron particles to lose their grip on the basic material. Packo is offering this service to end-users, OEM’s and subcontractors.


















Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, nickel, chrome and various other elements and impurities. During production processes these impurities form carbides and in many cases the stainless steel partly or entirely loses its resistance to corrosion. As a result of machining, rolling, heating and welding the original austenite structure is lost. In this case the stainless steel constuction loses its spontaneous oxide formation properties. It is therefor essential to remove as many impurities as possible once the machining is complete.


The most effective method of doing this is by pickling in a mixture of acids. These acids remove impurities, weld discolorations and cause impacted iron to lose their grip on the basic material. A special, intensive rinsing procedure follows the pickling. In the passivation process a protective, dense and well adhered oxide skin is formed. 

After pickling and passivation the stainless steel recovers its original properties with a grey satin finish.



Diverse small components, transportable container, hoppers


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