Packo milk cooling tanks - milking machines - centrifugal pumps - food and pharmaceutical industry

For almost 50 years Packo has been producing milk cooling tanks, collection centres, tubular coolers, milking machine components, pasteurisers, ice water systems, pumps, etc.


The Fullwood Packo Group is also a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of the very best in milking machines and milk machine components


For many years Packo has been manufacturing stainless steel equipment for the food industry operating in the most diverse applications. Packo offers not only components and equipment as there are storage tanks and process vessels, centrifugal pumps, CIP units, ice water builders, pasteurisers, cryogenic freezing equipment, but also complete processing units for milk, beer, yeast and many other products.


Packo is a manufacturer of worldwide repute of stainless steel pharmaceutical tanks and process vessels, CIP units and centrifugal pumps for the pharmaceutical industries.


Moreover the department ”Packo Surface Treatment” offers a wide range of surface treatement for stainless steel such as: electropolishing, micro-undulation, pickling and passivation, ceramic blasting,…