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Milk cooling and milk pasteurization

Packo is considered a pioneer in the field of milk cooling and processing. For almost 50 years Packo has been producing large numbers of milk cooling tanks, collection centres and instant cooling systems, ice water systems, pasteurisers, pumps, etc.


The Fullwood Packo Group is also a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of the very best in milking machines. For more information go to


Milk cooling tanks
Packo is one of the world's leading manufacturers of milk cooling systems. We have an extensive and trend setting range of open and closed, static milk cooling tanks. Three different refrigeration systems - ice water, direct expansion and instant cooling - and several controlling, cleaning and checking systems are available. Packo milk cooling tanks meet all current international standards. The tanks are built according to the EU machines directives.

Year after year energy becomes more scarce and expensive. But energy (in the form of electricity, hot water,…) is indispensable.
On top of that, a growing and future-oriented dairy farm has more and more increasing energy needs. However, to run a profitable business, the operating costs needs to be kept as low as possible, hence the energy costs. Therefore Packo, as leader and a global active player, has developed an extended range of energy-efficient products.

AMS cooling
A special way of milking demands a special way of cooling!

Packo has developed a range of milk cooling tanks designed specifically for robot milking (AMS). The Packo AMS cooling tank communicates excellently and without any problems with each brand of milking robot.

Ice water systems

Ice water  is often used on dairy farms for the rapid cooling of milk. Except of the stand-alone ice water systems, Packo offerst also as the only one on the market, milk cooling tanks with an integrated ice water sytem.

Milk collection centres
Milk collection centres are normally placed in rural areas where farmers transport their raw milk after each milking time to be cooled in a bulk tank. The road tanker of the creamery then collects the milk from this centre. Packo has equipped many of these centres, worldwide, often under difficult climatic conditions.

Packo Falling Film Chiller (PFF)
In order to meet the increasing demand for continuous instant cooling of liquid food products, Packo presents the FALLING FILM CHILLER.

Pasteurisation of dairy products is one of the possible heat treatments used to kill off the entire population of disease-producing bacteria and greatly reduce the total number of micro organisms. Pasteurisation can be done in batch pasteurisers for small quantities or by means of continuous flow pasteurisers for larger daily production.

Milking machine components
Packo offers a wide range of stainless steel components used in milk parlours and annexes. Available out of our standard range, made on request or developed together with you, all components are designed and manufactured by experts in stainless steel with professional knowledge of the field of application. An excellent finish is assured by electropolishing.

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