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( 23-02-2005 )

A Packo mobile CIP (PMC-a1) at Brialys

Brialys is an industrial bakery in the region of Rennes, France.  With a capacity of 150 employees, they make 'brioches' in the form of braids, milk loafs, and mini-sandwiches with small pieces of chocolate.  Brialys sell very little under its own name; these products are brought on the market under the name of the distributor.  This applies certainly to the larger store chains and hyper markets.  Any way, the product is synonymous for high quality, as the brioches are made in 'clean rooms'.  This way of production implies that no preservatives have to be added.



Brialys had a cleaning problem


Brialys contacted our company Packo Inox, because they had problems cleaning the dosing lines of liquid egg, which then had to be added to the brioche dough.  Brialys has a fixed CIP system for more than 10 years now.  This system does not automatically dose the detergents yet.  Hence one can guarantee neither an efficient cleaning, nor the reliability of the used cleaning cycle.


After a thorough evaluation, the project was clearly defined and the PMC-a1 with 300 l vessel out of the standard range of Packo mobile CIP systems, with optionally air blowing/drying and steam heating added, was found to be ideally suited.


One of the most important advantages of the PMC for Brialys is the flexibility it offers. In automatic mode all cleaning parameters are adjustable. This allows Brialys to optimize the complete washing cycle parameters (air drying, washing time and temperature, dosing of detergent) for the different application spread over the site where the PMC is brought to. Once the cleaning cycle for an individual application is set and stored, the fully automatic CIP programs assure consistant, effective and economical cleaning.

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