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( 31-03-2005 )

Packo looking for partners worldwide for Milk Processing Equipment

Packo Inox, world leading supplier of milk processing equipment, is looking for partners world-wide.



Our partners


Local presence is a vital link in the successful realisation of milk processing projects. Therefore Packo works closely together with agents, distributors and partners world-wide, to their mutual benefit and, as important, to the benefit of the customers.


Packo offers


Packo offers their agents, distributors and other partners all support required to be successful:

  • A whole range of commercial tools (brochures, computer presentations, posters,…)
  • Expert technical, technological and commercial advise
  • Individual solutions for every enquiry, translated in detailed quotations
  • Etc.


Packo expects


Packo expects from their partners:

  • Market knowledge
  • Market presence (organisation)
  • A pro-active market approach
  • Etc.

Herewith great important is attached to open communication creating full transparency.

Packo also expects their partners to add value for the customers via e.g.

  • Relevant technical/technological competences
  • Advise/support related to financing
  • After sales service and support
  • Etc.


Packo Inox Milk Processing



  • The Packo range of milk processing lines starts with batch systems with a capacity of 150 up to 1.000 litres and extends to full, small scale turnkey dairy with a processing capacity up to 20.000 litres per hour.
  • Packo also offers separate milk processing components such as cooling and processing tanks, pasteurisation units, cheese vats, ice water systems, CIP units, etc.

Packo supplies milk processing units and lines suitable for all kinds of dairy products: consumption milk, cream, butter, yoghurt, kefir, fresh and ripened cheese and many other (local) dairy products.


Providing effective solutions for the dairy industries is the basis of Packo’s existence. As market leader, Packo has milk processing units and lines operating in all corners of the world. They all conform to the most rigid national and international design standards and regulations. Whether supplying from our standard range or designing tailored made, we always seek to meet our customer’s individual requirements and to exceed their expectations.

Packo does not only deliver the equipment but also aims to be your partner in the whole process of conception, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, start-up, training and service. Moreover, not only milk processing but also milking (Fullwood milking machines) and milk cooling (Packo milk cooling tanks) belong to the core competences of the Fullwood Packo Group.


More than 50 years of experience in the dairy industries have lead to Packo’s rich technological know-how and outstanding technical skills. “Expert advice” and “reliable and functional installations” are the basis of Packo’s world leadership advantages today.


Packo considers quality of paramount importance. All key components are designed and manufactured in Packo Inox NV in Belgium where experience, know-how, highly skilled people, cutting-edge machinery using the latest technology is incorporated in a total quality approach. The well planned system integration and excellent finish of the construction results in reliable and durable installations, fully endorsed and well documented.


Should you be interested in becoming a Packo partner, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


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