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( 24-11-2005 )

Packo Inox is one of the first companies in the world to get the KEYMARK label for milk cooling tanks

What is it?

The Keymark label is a new certification mark to show conformity of high quality products to the European Standards. These recommendations promote performance, efficiency, quality and where applicable, environmental aspects. For bulk milk cooling tanks the EN 13732 standard applies.

With the Keymark label, PACKO also proves that its products are reliable and safe. It gives confirmation of our quality management system. To ensure this quality, both the manufacturer and the product are subject to regular assessment.



Who can get it?

Only well organised and adequate production facilities can apply for the Keymark label. Packo gave evidence of this adequate factory production. The certification body can therefore make additional surveillance of the production lines and products.

Before getting the label, Packo has invested in equipment and specially trained personnel, and holds the official approval to carry out a whole series of type tests (see below). The results of these tests are verified, in its own laboratory, by an independent inspection body.



Which tests are required?

All test as specified in the European Standard EN 13732 are required, this includes:

  • nominal volume and performance class;
  • exhaustive performance tests measuring the cooling time, power usage and isothermal capacities;
  • the overall construction and sound level are verified;
  • the cleaning system, with control of the hygienic results;
  • the agitation system for a good homogenisation of the milk;
  • electrical equipment to guarantee safety for operator and user;
  • electro Magnetic Compatibility.



Is the Keymark important for you?

It is important for you, because it makes sure that you are dealing with a well organised and professional company that is willing to invest in its products.

  • It gives assurance that all applicable standards are respected.
  • It gives you clear proof of the high quality and safety of your equipment.
  • Visible differentiation between products and ease to identify high quality products.
  • Proof that the Packo Milk Cooling Tank is safe to put and store your valued milk without any risk. Packo assures and protects the milk, your income.



Can you verify this for yourself?

Yes you can, visit the following website: and look for Keymark.


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