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Bakery processing lines

For over 20 years, Packo Inox has a leading position for storage and dosage of liquid ingredients in food and dough processing industry. Engineered solutions are at the basis of this achievement.
Thanks to the knowledge of the customers’ needs and the input of Packo’s automated systems, we enable the customer to perfectly control his process as to get a maximum return from his investment meeting the highest microbiological requirements.
Specific installations are designed for liquid yeast, egg, oil, leaven, improvers,…
All systems are equipped with a standard dosing system for the dosing of the liquids to the mixing.



Advantages for the customer:

• Custom made design = lay out is not fix
• Full sanitary design = automatic welding of piping, EHEDG components
• Full operational safety = manual and automatic control completely separated
• Integration in existing automated system (e.g. SCADA)
• Reduction of consumption of the different products (up to 15 % for some components)
• No waste (paper, boxes,…)= cost reduction – 5S program
• Manual or full automated systems, depending on your budget
• Possibility of integration in existing dosing computers
• Turn key
More than 100 realisations in Belgium, the Netherlands and France
• Ingredients always dosed, and this in the right quantity



Packo yeast plants are installed on a turnkey base and include: reception, storage, keeping on temperature (2-4°C), keeping in suspension, circulating in the bakery, automatic dosing in mixers, complete CIP installation, control cabinets, connection with the dosing computers, ice water installation, etc.
Different sizes of installations:
• containers of 300 litres for small bakeries
• containers of 1.000 litres for medium size or semi-industrial bakeries
• large plants with storage vessels up to 50.000 litres for industrial bakeries .

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