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( 11-08-2003 )

Packo VDKK in an optical sorting installation for French fries

Displayed is an optical sorting installation for French fries. These optical sorters inspect cut French fries on defects (black and green pieces). The French fries are conveyed via a belt and the product is inspected by means of cameras. The software in the optical sorter calculates if a French fries stick is out of specification and if so, an air nozzle is activated and blows out the stick of the main stream. The good product is pumped, free of damage, via a Packo VDKK stainless steel pump to the pre cookers. The defects are pumped by the same pumps to two cutters, these will cut of the ends of the products where the black spots usually are.


An important feature of the VDKK is optimised product flow. The combination of the 2-channel impeller construction and an efficient and product friendly pump casing design ensures that both very large and smaller potatoes are transported through the pump undamaged. The frequency controlled, variable pump speed allows an even flow of product to be integrated into the production process. The solid construction and balanced design, along with a steady vibration free running characteristic ensures a long life for the pump. The pump is fitted with a mechanical seal, which is leak free when compared to gland packing. The seal is available world-wide and changing the seal is a simple trouble free operation.


All parts, which come into contact with product or fluid, are manufactured out of high quality stainless steel. Corrosion, which affects cast iron pumps and pollutes the transport medium, is overcome with the VDKK, a positive feature when considering HACCP. The smooth surface microstructure, formed by electrolytical polishing, results in the most hygienically stainless steel finish possible, which prevents growth of starch and other micro-organisms in the pump.

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