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Vaste CIP (voor de farmaceutische industrie)

The production of pharmaceutical products takes place in sanitary, often sterile conditions, in accordance with existing standards and legislations. This requires a controlled cleaning or/and sterilisation of the equipment. All Packo's fixed, pharmaceutical CIP systems meet these requirements. Moreover, they are custom-made, combining optimal performance with minimal water and energy consumption.

















Technical specifications





  • All materials used are stainless steel; e.g. parts in contact AISI 316L (DIN 1.4404) and other parts AISI 304L (DIN 1.4306).




  • The volume of the vessels depends on the application. The wall thickness is 3 mm.
  • The pump range goes up to 125 m³/h / 550 US.GPM, 120 m / 400 ft, 22 kW / 30 HP.


Temperature control


  • Heating by a tubular heat exchanger. Insulation jacket in stainless steel, watertight welded. Insulation: rock wool.


Surface finish


  • Inside and outside surface finish as specified.
  • Welds can be grinded, brushed, polished or all surfaces can be handpolished to a minimum Ra of 0.1 µm. Packo has an in house pickling and passivation installation and Europe's largest electropolishing facilities.


Components, connections and piping


  • All components can be specified by the customer.
  • Packo sterile FP2 or PHP2 centrifugal pump. Membrane dosing pumps.
  • Piping is orbital welded with connections as specified by the customer.


Control units


  • Fixed on vessels.
  • All components can be specified by the customer. PLC control, software, visualization (touch screen) and links to main network systems are all possible.




  • Kick-off, intermediate and final inspection reports, FAT-SAT protocols and documentation.
  • Operating manual, maintenance instructions, technical documentation.
  • Material certification and other test certificates are also available.
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