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Spraying device [for the cleaning of sterile zones]

Packo's PSD-series of spraying devices are especially developed for the cleaning, by means of detergents, under pressure of the machines, installations and walls within sterile zones in the pharmaceutical industries.


To have a good result of spraying in an operator-friendly way, the device is designed with the following characteristics taken into account:

  • Easy to use: With a turn of the valve, the detergent is coming automatically out of the sprayer, due to the pressure put in the vessel. By means of the attached flexible hose, every place can also easily be reached.
  • Easy to refill: The vessel can easily be refilled by the cover, equipped with a hinge and cross-knobs.
  • Easy to move: By means of the attached handle bar, the device can easily be moved.
  • Operator-friendly weight and volume: With a volume of 24 liters, Packo has succeeded in keeping the optimal balance between the operating time of one spraying cycle and the mobility of the device.

Technical specifications




  • All materials used are stainless steel, e.g. parts in contact AISI 316L (DIN 1.4404) and other parts AISI 304L (DIN 1.4306)


Capacity and dimensions


  • Standard volume is 24L.
  • Volume and dimensions can be specified according to the customer’s application.


Surface finish


  • Internal surface finish has a standard Ra of 0,5 µm. The surface finishes can also be specified by the customer.
  • All surfaces can be handpolished. Packo has also an in-house pickling and passivation installation and Europe’s largest electropolishing facilities.


Components and connections


  • The standard components are amongst others a manometer, safety valve, flexible hose, sprayer, etc.
  • All other wanted components can be specified by the customer.




  • Kick-off, intermediate and final inspection reports, FAT protocols
  • Material certification, X-ray tests, surface tests, hydraulic tests, dye check tests, etc.
  • Operating manual, maintenance instructions, technical documentation


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