Stainless steel pumps, components and surface treatment for hygiene sensitive applications

In the production plant located in Diksmuide, various activities are carried out: manufacturing of industrial pumps & hygienic components and surface treatment of stainless steel products.

Our activities are divided into 3 business units:

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Packo pumps

Stainless steel pumps for the food industry, pharmaceutical and general industry. Meanwhile more than 350.000 pumps delivered worldwide!

Our pumps are characterized by a hygienic design, perfect cleanability, a low energy bill and ease of maintenance.

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Packo Surface Treatment

More than 4 decades of experience with surface treatment.

Our offer: Electropolishing, pickling, passivating, amorphization, micro-undulation, deblackening, derouging, glass blasting, peening, mechanical polishing and buffing, hardening, refurbishment, advise and measuring...

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Packo Hygienic Components

The ideal partner for the supply of high quality products, thanks to combining knowledge in hygienic design and manufacturing stainless steel components.

Our assortment includes milk pumps, receiver vessels & buffer tanks, filters, manifolds, installation systems, tube heat exchangers, mixers, etc.

At your service 

In each Business Unit an experienced team of engineers are at your service.  For advice, engineering, design, training or other support.  Your peace of mind – today and for many years – is their incentive!

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